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Girls Incorporated of Greater Santa BarbaraGirls Incorporated of Greater Santa Barbara
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INTENTIONAL - focus on girls' needs with intent of making a difference in girls' lives.
COMPENSATORY - provides girls with experiences and opportunities unlikely to receive elsewhere.
DEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE - girls' developmental levels (cognitive, emotional, physical, behavioral) are taken into consideration in program development and implementation).

All programs offered at Girls Inc. can be classified under one of the following 6 program categories:

1. Careers and Life Planning
To enable girls to pursue careers that will provide them with economic autonomy and to enable them to combine a rewarding career with their lives as women and family members.

Sample Local programs:
• Art on the Gogh - provides girls with significant opportunities for career exploration in professions specifically involving art and creativity (view all awards)
• Pets & Vets - combines girls' interest in animals and pet care with exploration of careers involving animals (Awarded 2003 Honorable Mention for Careers & Life Planning) (view all awards)

2. Health and Sexuality
To enable girls to take charge of developing and maintaining fit, healthy bodies and minds and to function comfortably as responsible sexual beings.

Sample Local programs:
• Inspirational Movement - teaches girls various yoga poses and enables them to learn important relaxation techniques they can use when feeling stressed or anxious
• Healthy Snacks - encourages girls to incorporate healthy eating habits into their lives by teaching them about nutrition and discovering new healthy snacks that they can make

3. Leadership and Community Action
To enable girls to exercise personal and collective power effectively and responsibly and to enable them to analyze and contribute to positive change in the community, nation and world.

Sample Local programs:
• Earth Action - encourages girls' to examine their environment and actively make a difference (2003 Outstanding Program Award for Leadership & Community Action, 2003 Colgate Youth For America Campaign Winner)(view all awards)
• Art from the Heart - offers girls the opportunity to examine wants versus needs and give back their special home-made art creations to others in their community who may be less fortunate than themselves

4. Sports and Adventure
To enable girls to compete and cooperate with confidence, to take physical risks and to master a range of physical skills.

Sample Local programs:
• Run for Fun - encourages girls to be physically active and knowledgeable about exercise
• Basketball - provides girls with fundamental knowledge and basketball skills
• Softball - provides girls with fundamental knowledge and softball skills

5. Self-reliance and Life Skills
To enable girls to conquer life's basic challenges in areas both traditional and non-traditional for women and to prepare them to function independently and interdependently today and in the future.

Sample Local programs:
• Project Me - strengthens girls knowledge of themselves and their families
• Mind Over Manners - provides girls with the opportunity to learn and practice proper etiquette

6. Culture and Heritage
To enable girls to appreciate their own and others' heritage, to enjoy diverse forms of creative expression and to recognize the contributions of women to history and culture.

Sample Local programs:
• Women Who Rock - teaches girls about the important contributions women have made to the music industry (2002 Outstanding Program Award for Culture & Heritage) (view all awards)
• African Masks/Latin American Theater- offers girls the opportunity to explore the masking traditions of West Africa (specifically Mali) and the Theatre for Revoluntion movement from Latin America

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